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Tourist Visa for India: valid for 1-year multiple entries (passport required)

Business Visa for India: valid for 1-year multiple entries (passport required)

E-Visa: an Electronic visa applied for online, authorisation within 72 hours (no passport required)

VHS Ltd is a sister company to Mystic India Ltd Over the years I have helped many of my own clients arrange their tourist or business visas to for India. About eight years ago many of my friends and colleagues in the India travel industry asked for my assistance with their client's visas, so this is how (VHS) Visa Handling Services Ltd was born.

I can help in many ways depending on the visa you would like to apply for. If you are not a UK passport holder and living in the UK, there are further docuemnts you need to provide which I will advice.

Visa before Travel - valid for multiple one-year entries

To keep costs to a minimum, I lodge and collect in person on your behalf on Wednesdays, so a week turnaround.

The current price for a tourist visa for a UK passport holder is £120.44 + SMS message to advise status £1.44 + VHS fee to lodge and collect your application £50.00. This is the STANDARDSERVICE = £171.88 per applicant + £9.00 Royal Mail Special Delivery to return your passport (up to 2 passports). 

The PREMIUM SERVICE is as above but for an extra £10.00 I complete the official form for you and send to you via email ready to print and sign then post to me with your passport and photos.

E-Visa - Electronic Tourist Visa

Visa is valid for 60 days from arrival for double entry. The e-visa can be obtained between 4-120 days before travel. You pay the visa fee USD 76.88 plus my handling fee to complete the application £30.00

Contact me via the form on the website, or just give me a ring for a chat and let me explain how I can help you Tel: 0777 5744 792


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